The Asian Federation of Sports Medicine was inaugurated in 1990 at the time of the 11th Asian Games in Beijing. It is one of the multi-national continental federations under supervision of the International Federation of Sports Medicine ( FIMS). To date, it has 30 National Sports Medicine Association members and is still growing. The main objective of the AFSM is to foster the promotion of sports medicine in Asia . Its constitution, by-laws, executive and commission structures are built in accordance to FIMS rules which was established in 1928.


The idea of organizing an Asian society of sports medicine initiated in 1987, but it lasted until 1990 during FIMS congress in Amsterdam where a preparatory meeting was held by the Asian participants. During Asian games in Beijing in 1990, Asian Federation of Sports Medicine was founded and Prof Qu. was elected as the first president of this federation. Then some sports medicine courses were run in China and Philippine between the years 1990 and 1992. The first AFSM congress was held in Hong Kong in 1992, after on AFSM had organized congresses as follow:

AFSM Congress

1st         Hong Kong          1992

2nd         Philippines         1996

3rd         Oman                 2000

4th         Pakistan             2001  ( Cancelled due to war)

5th         Korea                 2002

6th         Sri Lanka            2003

7th         Brunei                2004

8th         Japan                2005

9th         Riyadh               2006

10th       Thailand             2007

11th        Iran                   2008

12th        India                 2009
13th        China                2014
14th        Hong Kong        2016 (Scientific Symposium)
15th        Pakistan        2017




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