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Mom loved her grandchildren very much; she loved spending time with them and the family get-togethers. Kookum always had snacks, and treats for the kids when they would come over, she was always concerned for their wellbeing and would check up on each of them every day. Mom always encouraged her children to go back to school; she always said “it’s never too late”. Mom obtained her grade 12 diploma in 2007; she wanted to continue her education as an Aboriginal Liaison Worker, however she suffered a stroke in September 2008. In moms younger years she briefly worked as a cashier at the Shoal Lake General Store and in housekeeping at the Golden Arrow. Mom liked to go berry picking by the Saskatchewan border; she enjoyed playing bingo; and she enjoyed baking pies and was the best bannock baker. She looked forward to traveling to Saskatchewan to visit her siblings, and enjoyed her daily missions to the mall with her grand-daughters. She often shared her stories of growing up with the family. The Lobster dinner is still in progress to this day while the Fish banquet was put on annually till 1995 with a brief one year resurrection 2000. As part of the arrangement with the Elks, the club was to have free use of the kitchen facilities for these two events. In 1989 the club built the Rotary Playground Park which is located on Cathedral. On May 27,1989 the club held a dinner and dance in celebration of the 60thanniversary of the founding of the club. Regina Car Share Co-operative was formed in 2008 as an idea to reduce emissions and provide a service growing in popularity around the world. A few dozen people met a couple of times for community potlucks to discuss how to start a car share service, and we agreed a co-operative was the right way to proceed. With some government grant money to operate an office and a private loan to purchase a vehicle, we had our first car shared to members the following year. In 1984 the club began to dispense hot chocolate after the Torchlight Parade. In 1995 the club donated $500 towards the prize monies for the winners of the World Championship Dog Races. Also in 1995 the club decided to sponsor a Snowshoe Marathon. Also in 1992 the club made a donation of $6600 to restore the Trapper sign at the south edge of town to proper working condition. Later in the year Sunset Park was formally turned over to the Town of The Pas. Probably the most important event that occurred during the year was the increase in the value of the fines leveled by the Sgt. At Arms from $0.25 to $1.00. In 1993 a start was made on construction of a walking path from Sunset Park along the river bank. The location turned out to be subject to periodic flooding as we found out in the spring of 1994 when the high water wiped out much of what had been done the previous year. Another event that occurred in this period was that the district made attendance of Rotary Exchange students at the Trappers Festival an approved event. In 1991 the club donated $3,000 to the Kelsey Recreation Commission for fireworks to help celebrate Canada Day. The fireworks were not used in 1991 due to inclement weather and were held over until 1992. In the fall of 1991 the ground was leveled for the construction of Sunset Park which was carried out in the spring of 1992 with the official opening on July 1st. During the singing of O Canada during the official opening which was a clear blue day, three pelicans did a fly past in perfect formation, . A number of Rotarians were quick to claim credit for organizing this event – but – who knows. In addition to the hundreds of hours volunteers contribute to our hospitals every day, our volunteers raise funds throughout the year from their gift shops, vendor programs, HELPP Lottery, Bingo, 50/50 draws, and special events. The Oakville Hospital Volunteer Association is half-way through their 10-year, $3 million commitment for NOH. In our Group Buy program, we organize a group of our members interested in purchasing panels, gather the technical requirements for solar projects, then tender it out in a request for proposal. In our first group buy we estimate that our group of 13 members collectively saved $67,000 off of the market rate on our panel purchases and installation (that’s an average of $5,000 each). To date, we have installed 353 solar panels through our three GB programs. Sharp-shinned hawks spend their summers in the dense, coniferous forests of Alaska, Canada and the northern plains of the United States, heading south to spend their winters in the United States. Osprey can be found near lakes, rivers, and coasts during the summer months.

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Irrigation canals covered with solar panels are a powerful combination. $1,800.00 due to it being a new event and the timing with other events going on in town and it being the only time the Band was available. We have now since moved the dance to be held the first Saturday of May each year, the Second Annual Dance was May 1st. And it turned out to be a huge success and an excellent fund raiser. Commencing in 1980 the first of periodic donations to help cover the cost involved in participation in the Northern Manitoba Regional Science Fair by the Kelsey School Division was made. In 1982 a donation of $1000 was made towards the purchase of Jaws of Life. They left The Pas in August 1981 and returned in July 1982. To view a list of the students, both outgoing and incoming and also other students who were involved in various education programs sponsored by Rotary, click here. Sent Dune Campbell of The Pas some literature on Rotary and suggested that he investigate the possibility of starting a club. Meantime Fred Siebert, then resident in The Pas and a past member of the Rotary Club of Ottawa, had talked to Pat Hunter about the same possibility. Shark Club Gaming Centre, operated by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, is a sports bar grill and gaming centre with table games and slots. While each Community Ambassador team member will not be celebrated in person this season, it is important that each individual is recognized and celebrated for their commitment to making a difference off the ice. Throughout the coming weeks, each RBC | MJHL Community Ambassador will be highlighted online through the MJHL’s social media platforms and website. He received his education at Pine Bluff, Sask and at St. Paul’s High School in Lebret, Sask. After receiving his education, he was employed in bush camp at Jenpeg, Manitoba as a Kitchen Helper, he also worked as an Orderly at St. Anthony’s hospital in The Pas, Manitoba. Henry was employed with Cumberland House Cree Nation for the past 30 years driving the school bus and daycare van. He later drove for Kadachuk’s and Desjarlias Taxi’s until he fell ill. Finally, saying “yes” to ENCORE paid off for Gregory Woolner of Rosemont. Gregory matched the last six of seven ENCORE numbers in exact order in the April 11, 2020 LOTTO 6/49 draw to win $100,000. “The words Big Winner appeared, and I couldn’t believe it,” Greg said, having discovered he won big while using the OLG’s lottery app. “I’ve been racking my brain since the win trying to figure out what to do with the money. If Regina’s organic waste pilot project went city-wide, it could divert 18,000 tonnes or 31% of waste annually. Swainson’s Hawks’ long migration to Argentina can take up to two months. Their large migratory flocks number in the tens of thousands and they may travel for several days without feeding. Red-tailed hawks are one of the largest North American birds, but they weigh at most 3 pounds.

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At Llanelli Town, we have evolved the following mission statement to accurately describe our goals. Â “To Positively Promote The People, Town and Communities of Llanelli.” Â Hence all works at Llanellitown.com must in… On a yearly basis, MJHL athletes dedicate over 12,000 hours volunteering in their local communities. From reading to classrooms and pouring coffee at bingo to everything else in between, the MJHL takes pride in giving back to the province of Manitoba. Herman made his debut for the Blizzard on Saturday night and scored a goal in his team’s 6-3 road loss to the Dauphin Kings. Seven canteen snacks, six one-time bingo’s, FIVE OPEN RINKS… Four shot blockers, three new sticks, two fresh towels and a puck. Six one-time bingo’s, FIVE OPEN RINKS… Four shot blockers, three new sticks, two fresh towels and a puck. With the hoilday season upon us, let’s taking a classic Christmas song and put an MJHL spin to it. Fisher River Cree Nation is a community in which our history, language, traditions, and culture are paramount to who we are as a people. We will protect and maintain the spirit and intent of the treaties and our inherent rights. Fisher River will be a self-sustaining progressive community with a strong and accountable government. We will provide an environment where all people are healthy, safe, and respected. There have been some recent big wins across Simcoe County of late, courtesy the OLG. The Canadian government will invest $402,000 over 3 years to conserve and restore native prairie and shoreline habitat aroundRedberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. The YXEWildlife project is now posting on Facebook to show us what is happening around us and when we’re asleep at night. For Peat’s Sake – Protecting Northern Saskatchewan Muskegs will be screening and discussing For Our Peat’s Sake documenting the fight to protect the Winnipeg watershed region wetlands at 7 pm, Mar. 10. Small birds make up 90% of the sharp-shinned hawks’ diet and are plucked before being eaten. Osprey are the only North American hawk to catch and eat live fish. They have gripping pads on their feet to help them hold and carry the fish for long distances. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot an osprey plunging feet first into a lake to catch a fish in its claws. They build large stick nests near water on poles or dead trees. Hawks are medium-sized birds of prey with large eyes, hooked beaks, and sharp, curved claws. Despite being similar in appearance and behaviour, they don’t all belong to the same family. Create a poem or spoken word piece to honour World Water Day during this online workshop from 7-9 pm, Mar. 18. We are also considering an industrial-size solar investment project such as the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Solar Co-op’s partnership with CNH Industrial and are considering several possible partnerships.

  • Osprey are the only North American hawk to catch and eat live fish.
  • In May 1986 the club started to deliver meals for the Meals on Wheels Program in May and November.
  • This fundraiser is one of our two major events for the year, where all funds raised support MICEC public programming, education and operations of the cultural centre.
  • They also eat lots of grasshoppers – hence their alternate name of grasshopper hawk.

They would travel to funerals and jamborees all over Northern MB and Saskatchewan. Golf Club towards the purchase and installation of a watering system for the golf course which was estimated to cost $80,000. Mr. Waller’s devotion to his hobby and the museum made him a highly esteemed citizen of The Pas and the Little Northern Museum a major attraction of the town. McPhillips Station Casino offers slots, table games, bingo, licensed lounges and live entertainment. Llanelli’s Multicultural Drop In Centre opened for business on Thursday 26th .The centre will be open every Thursday from 12pm-2pm in Lakefield Hall, Lakefield Road Llanelli.

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Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. If you’ve already done that, your item hasn’t arrived, or it’s not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case. Star Sellers have an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experience – they consistently earned 5-star reviews, dispatched orders on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received. There’s a __% chance that a lucky player would win after calling __ items.

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It has turned into an event that everyone looks forward to over the long winter and can hardly wait for the 3rd Annual Spring Dance. The second year after moving the dance to it’s permanent new date, we sold 534 tickets, created a lot of smiles and raised $10,840.00 for the Rotary coffers. Which is able to treat approximately 15,000 patients annually. This vehicle is identified as being donated by The Pas Rotary Club. Periodic donations were made to the Salvation Army however when their Christmas Hamper program started in 1980 started the continuing practice of donating monies sufficient for several hampers. In order to help the Scouts to finance a trip to a Canada-wide jamboree in P.E.I. During the summer of 1991 we had a number of meetings at the Golf Club dining area but as with the others there was not enough space. In September 1991 we returned to the Wescana at their invitation. A modern, loft-style setting with elevated, globally-influenced dishes, enticing cocktails and local craft beer, alongside exciting live entertainment and gaming. Llanelli Multicultural Network hits a  1000 Facebook Friends mark The Network was please to pass the 1000 friend mark in the last few days.”We find the social networking site a great way to keep… Comprised of one player from each MJHL team, Community Ambassadors are recognized for making a difference and giving back to their communities in which they play in. Each player has displayed outstanding citizenship and sportsmanship both on and off the ice and a commitment to volunteerism. Henry married his soul mate, Julia Rose on December 23rd, 1982 and together they were blessed with two son’s and two daughter’s. The Blizzard, who currently have an record, will return to action on Friday as they’ll play host the Kings. Thank you to Terrence Thomas and all the Unity Runners who gave their time, good thoughts and energy to kick start the gathering. The Fisher River Cree Nation is honoured to be the host of the National Cree Gathering for 2019. The theme for this year’s gathering came from discussion with the host nation and the Elders Advisory Committee. You can change the display of the events by selecting, List or Month below.

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Eight bone rattlin’ checks, seven canteen snacks, six one-time bingo’s, FIVE OPEN RINKS… Four shot blockers, three new sticks, two fresh towels and a puck. EcoSask News is a weekly round-up of local news and events. Swainson’s hawks vary in colour, but they usually have a dark breast, a light-coloured belly, and brown or grey upper parts. Most males have grey heads, while most females have brown heads. The large white patches edged with black flight feathers on their underwings help to identify them when they are in flight. Swainson’s hawks are slimmer and longer-winged than other hawks. Sharp-shinned hawks are the smallest North American hawk (9-14 in) with a small head, short wings, long legs, and long tail. They can be hard to spot as they hide in bushes and wooded areas, ready to leap out and pounce on passing songbirds. Merlins are a similar size but have pointed wings, a shorter tail, and usually hunt in the open. Rebecca’s company, Back 40 Wilderness First Aid, offers a variety of wilderness first aid courses. In addition to the certification programs, she offers custom classes that can be tailor-made to fit a family or an organization’s particular needs. Rebecca is also considering offering youth courses in future. Rebecca Basset is the founder of Back40 Wilderness First Aid Training and a long-time member of Saskatoon Search and Rescue. She’s also the mother of two teenage daughters, so she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in ensuring today’s kids can have fun and stay safe outdoors. In May 1992 the meeting room in the basement of the new museum was designated as the “Rotary Room”. Rotary members continue to sit on the museum’s Board of Directors. In the coming weeks, one RBC | MJHL Community Ambassador will be selected as the recipient of the RBC Community Award, which comes with a further donation in the player’s name to their local community from RBC. Dave Anthony has been a broadcaster in the MJHL for the past 7 seasons. Every week, he’ll share a thought on the 12 teams in the MJHL and other things from across the league. The National Cree Gathering began in 1998 and has been held almost every year as a spiritual gathering hosted throughout Cree traditional territory from James Bay, Quebec to British Columbia. On average the gatherings host hundreds to thousands of people that come together to celebrate and honour the Cree language, history, heritage and culture of the people. Volunteers play a key role in Halton Healthcare’s innovative SMILE program on the Medicine 4-Centre unit at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. Halton Healthcare hopes to expand the SMILE program to Milton and Georgetown in the near future. You’ll find lots more information about birds on EcoFriendly Sask’s Nature Companion, an entry-level nature app for Canada’s four western provinces. Swainson’s hawks are a common sight in summer, soaring over the prairies and open grasslands of western North America. They prefer wide open spaces where they can easily spot ground squirrels and other small rodents, their preferred food when they are breeding. They also eat lots of grasshoppers – hence their alternate name of grasshopper hawk. Sharp-shinned hawks have a dark grey back and head and a white breast with reddish-orange streaks. The David Suzuki Foundation has released a guide to help you work with your local government on addressing climate change. The Saskatchewan Chapter of The Wildlife Society is offering an online workshop for members on navigation from 3-6 pm, Mar. 22. A climate activist in California has spent 589 days cleaning up a park and is encouraging others to follow his example. “There will be no hero that will emerge from the fog to save us from ourselves. To preserve this planet, we’ll need a billion climate activists.” Prairie falcons can be seen flying low over the deserts and grasslands of southern Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta. They’ve adapted well to human habitation and can often be found in cities or farm country in the winter. Falcons have thin, pointed wings that allow them to fly very fast. Western Canada is home for at least part of the year to kestrels, merlins, peregrine and prairie falcons. We principally exist as a way to reduce carbon emissions in our province, and we do that by operating a car share co-op in Regina. Members of our co-operative share use of vehicles that are generally better than ones they could privately own, and they take up less space and fewer resources by being shared.

  • Which is able to treat approximately 15,000 patients annually.
  • As part of the arrangement with the Elks, the club was to have free use of the kitchen facilities for these two events.
  • Swainson’s hawks are a common sight in summer, soaring over the prairies and open grasslands of western North America.

Saskatoon Public Library is offering an online workshop on basic camping skills from 7-8 pm, Mar. 15. In addition to residential use, the GB program could also include one or more commercial projects. The government has promised a home renovation incentive of up to $20,000 that applies to solar power installations, and this is being monitored by WSC. The Co-op enters 2021 with new board members and a revised business plan. We plan to introduce an energy monitoring program that would work in a similar way to our GB program. A Pembina Institute report looks at the costs, benefits, and uptake on fuel-efficiency technologies in the highway transportation sector. Join the Saskatoon Nature Society on the following outings. Field trips are currently for members only, so sign up now. Regina residents are invited to a virtual public open house at 7 pm, Mar. 18, for the Foxtail Grove Solar Energy Project, a 10 MW project that will generate enough green electricity to power over 2,600 Saskatchewan households. Prairie falcons are large (15-18 in, in wingspan) with a light brown upper body and a cream-coloured chest streaked with brown. There are brown vertical streaks below their eyes and dark-coloured patches at the base of each wing on the underside. Merlins prefer open forests, grasslands, and coastal areas where there are flocks of small songbirds or shorebirds. They can sometimes be found in prairie towns and cities where they can count on a steady supply of sparrows. Merlins are small, stocky falcons with a broad, heavily streaked chest and a banded, medium-length tail. Males are dark grey, while females and juveniles are browner. Merlins fly fast and low with rapid wingbeats and are fierce hunters of small birds, dragonflies, and bats, which they capture in mid-air. Merlins are darker and stockier than other falcons and beat their wings more rapidly when flying. Their shrill, chattering cry is very distinctive and can last for up to 4 seconds. They are less than a foot long with a wingspan of less than two feet. They can be seen in Canada in the summer before migrating to the southern United States for the winter. We’re eager to introduce you to the ones you’re most likely to see in Western Canada. Next up are the falcons – good timing as we’ve had reports of merlins being sighted in Saskatoon this past week. Improved public transportation and cycling infrastructure are important to us because our members tend to use each when they don’t use our service. The City Council motion to get Regina to 100% Renewable by 2050 is something we’re interested in facilitating. We survived the first year of the pandemic without government assistance. Additionally, with the generous support of Affinity Credit Union, we were able to add 2 electric vehicles to our fleet, replacing one of our aging vehicles. Once you and your kids are comfortable with an activity and have gained confidence in your abilities, you’re ready to take it to the next level, such as multi-day activities or better equipment. Rebecca’s daughters are now operating their own snowmobiles, but they’ve built up to that degree of power and speed, and Rebecca is comfortable about their safety. Some of Rebecca’s first trips with her family were to familiar places such as Beaver Creek. It was practice for her as a mother but an adventure for the kids. Safe outdoor adventures start at home by ensuring that you are ready and equipped for your adventure. Being prepared encompasses everything from checking the weather forecast to ensuring you have the appropriate equipment (and that it’s in good working order). “Keeping it safe depends on the right choice of activity, place, and equipment,” she says. Rebecca emphasizes the importance of starting small and building up to bigger adventures. “If I’m comfortable, then I’m comfortable taking my kids,” Rebecca says. For example, Rebecca rented a paddleboard for her first trips and stayed local.

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Wascana Solar Co-operative’s aim is to lead their community to cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Drive-thru fast food chains have become increasingly popular during the pandemic and the trend is expected to continue, reinforcing a reliance on cars over more environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Find out about Climate West, a regional hub for climate services, at a noon-hour, Mar. 25, presentation hosted by Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin. Regina Public Library is hosting an online talk on starting to compost at 7 pm, Mar. 25. There will be an online discussion on the potential for conservation and restoration of Saskatchewan forests to mitigate against climate breakdown at 7 pm, Mar. 23. Peregrine falcons sit on high perches making swift, steep dives to catch their prey – ducks and shorebirds or pigeons in the cities. One will disturb a flock of waxwings from below and the other will take advantage of the confusion to attack. We hope to double our membership in 2021, which would support our expansion to other vehicle locations and types like a pickup truck. Our cultural discomfort with death has led us to overlook the environmental cost of funerals and burials. There are eco-friendly options, from embalming and the casket to burial and cremation. SaskOutdoors and the Saskatchewan Orienteering Association are offering an Orienteering for Kids and Youth program in Saskatoon with six sessions (1 session/week) starting the week of April 12. All ages are welcome on an outing to explore the Habitat Conservation Area with Nature Regina on Apr. 2 . Wild About Saskatoon is hosting an online conversation from 7-10 pm, Mar. 31, regarding progress in the past year on the City of Saskatoon’s Green Strategy. All children should have water, a jacket, extra socks or mitts, and a whistle (“Kids’ voices don’t carry far in the woods,” Rebecca says). “There’s no excuse for not taking a first aid kit,” Rebecca says. Kids can carry a zippy bag with bandaids, tensor bandage, and gauze. I have a few extra things in my kit.” Rebecca firmly believes that kids of all ages should have a backpack and carry some of their own gear. “When I joined Saskatoon Search and Rescue, I really connected with the modern idea of outdoor adventure,” Rebecca says. “It reignited the part of me that always wanted to be outdoors as well as reinforcing my belief in the importance of being prepared.” Rebecca began hiking and camping more, at first by herself but then with her family. Join Stan Shadick, Saskatoon, for a socially distanced private birding tour or online/outdoor workshops . SOS Trees Coalition Saskatoon () is looking for interesting true tree stories that will be shared in the organization’s newsletter right before Arbor Day. There will be a discussion on the Saturn power story and its Highfield solar project at the virtual breakfast meeting of the Energy Management Task Force on Apr. 7. Mom was united in Marriage to Eric Constant at Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Mb on December 4, 1971. Together they were blessed with eight beautiful children John, Grace, Lester, Edmund, Samantha, Erica, Rena, Spencer and later adopted Giselle. Together they also helped raise their nephews Reginald, Harold, Warner, Trent and nieces Melanie, Florence and Clara. Mom was a god-mother to Dale Ballantyne, John K, Constant, Brooke Head-Kanabee, Klerry Bignell-Horn, Cathy Bear, Ryan Moore and Farand Moore.

They’re large birds with a 5-6 ft wingspan, brown above and white below with a white head and a brown stripe across the eyes and cheeks. When they fly, there is a distinctive kink in their wings in the shape of an M. Bald eagles frequent similar habitats but they’re larger and don’t have the osprey’s white underparts. By the mid-1900s, peregrine falcons had almost disappeared in North America, but they’ve made an amazing recovery and are now most commonly found in coastal areas and cities. They’re a medium-sized bird with a wingspan of 3-3.5 feet. Peregrine falcons have a blue-grey back, a cream-coloured chest with dark markings, and bright yellow feet and legs. Dark feathers on the head and sides of the neck look like a helmet. The EcoFriendly Sask website lists opportunities for summer and winter outdoor adventures as well as a list of nature programs for kids. Both Nature Regina and Wild About Saskatoon offer outdoor activity guides for their respective cities, and SaskOutdoors offers a wide range of workshops and activities. Another project of the club was to provide sufficient tables and chairs for the Arena to handle 1000 people. For a number of years after that the club held a Community Dance in the Arena in September utilizing the new floor. In May 1986 the club started to deliver meals for the Meals on Wheels Program in May and November. Ten servings of pasta, nine “oh baby” glove saves, eight bone rattlin’ checks, seven canteen snacks, six one-time bingo’s, FIVE OPEN RINKS… Four shot blockers, three new sticks, two fresh towels and a puck. Nine “oh baby” glove saves, eight bone rattlin’ checks, seven canteen snacks, six one-time bingo’s, FIVE OPEN RINKS… Four shot blockers, three new sticks, two fresh towels and a puck. This fundraiser is one of our two major events for the year, where all funds raised support MICEC public programming, education and operations of the cultural centre. Red-tailed hawks are common in southern Canada during the summer months. Look for them soaring in circles over open fields or perched on poles and fence posts. Red-tailed hawks have a 4-ft wingspan, a rusty-red tail, a pale face, and paler underparts. A dark bar at the edge of their wings is visible in flight. We have installed 468 panels in southern Saskatchewan through our SIO and GB programs. This is an estimated reduction of 150 tons of CO2 per year. We partnered with Conexus Credit Union and MiEnergy for our first SIO, installing 115 solar panels on the roof of the North Albert Conexus branch. With our Solar Investment Opportunity program, co-op members purchase preferred shares ($1,000 each). We then reach out to potential partners who offer us space to install our systems. We help our partners “go green” while they pay us the cost of their power usage. Kestrels hunt for insects, small rodents, and birds in grassy or desert areas with few trees. Look for them perched on fence posts and utility poles or hovering over a field on rapidly beating wings. Kestrels are smaller and more colourful than other falcons with reddish-brown bodies, a pale belly, and two vertical black stripes on either side of their white cheeks. Her family didn’t go on camping trips, but she had the freedom to roam the “back 40” on her grandparent’s farm, to camp in a bluff of trees on the outskirts of town, to explore the creek, and toboggan on her own. Today’s kids don’t have the same freedom, leaving it up to parents to create opportunities for outdoor experiences. Parents recognize that risky play is good for kids, but they also want to ensure their children’s safety. EcoFriendly Sask supports Saskatchewan environmental initiatives through an online publication, an events calendar, small grants, and the Nature Companion website/app. You can follow EcoFriendly Sask by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or by email . Club Regent Casino offers table games, slots, bingo, poker, licensed lounges and a live entertainment centre. During a typical season, each Community Ambassador is recognized during their team’s RBC Game Night, where they are honoured and presented with a commemorative plaque. A donation is also made to each Ambassador’s local community on their behalf. Henry enjoyed spending quality time with his family & friends. He loved his pets, Moose, Ginger, Puppy, Moostoos and his all time favorite pet “Vernon”. He loved fishing, playing 10x’s, cribbage crossword puzzles, bingo. He would travel on the winter road frequently to go watch the OCN Blizzards.

Once that felt comfortable, she bought her own paddleboard and started going on overnight trips. It was only once she felt completely comfortable on her solo adventures that she introduced her kids to paddleboarding – for a local trip on a day when the weather was great. There will be an online discussion on plastic pollution and the efforts globally, nationally, and locally to identify solutions at 7 pm, Apr. 6, as part of the Sustainability Speaker Series. Mom passed away peacefully with family and friends by her side on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at St. Anthony’s Hospital, The Pas, MB at the of age 65 years. Mom was an ACW member and a Lay reader at the Church of Messiah. She loved her Gospel music and jamborees; she was also a member of the Iskonekun Cree-Gospel singing group, along with her “sisters” The late Rev. Verna Jebb, Marlene Cowley, Aggie Lathlin and Shirley Jewels.

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