There are no direct flights connecting Hanoi to Vancouver. This flight route requires at least one stop and takes a minimum of 15h 00m. Vancouver International Airport CEO Craig Richmond told BIV on September 12 that he is disappointed that Cathay will no longer fly to New York out of his airport. On a different note, is it me, or are the lines at security getting worse? Last international flight in July, I think it took me 45 mins. Flew domestic earlier this week, and the queues were also pretty slow. Looks like the overall capacity from YVR-HKG will remain the same. More adjustments coming it looks like to a few stations.

What do I need to check before renting a car?

  1. Make sure you have your paperwork.
  2. Check the car exterior.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Rental vehicle.
  4. Know where you are going.
  5. Ask what kind of fuel your rental car uses.
  6. Get back in time.
  7. Make sure you get the Full Damage Waiver Insurance.
  8. Stay on the Road.

It would also go against the WS strategy of feeding the YYC hub. Why feed DL at JFK when you can feed your own hub at YYC? Also, on the westbound leg, it’s not like WS has much to offer the DL clientele through YVR. People want non stop, and YVR-JFK demand wasn’t enough for the route to make money. Sadly HKG-YVR will go down to 14x weekly in the process as well. This will go up to 32x weekly after the end of YVR-JFK.

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There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Vancouver was the first North American destination for Cathay Pacific, and it remains a vital market for the airline, says a CX statement. Cathay Pacific currently operates 115 non-stop flights per week to 10 destinations in North America, and this will increase to 123 flights per week next year. Recent additions to the Cathay Pacific network in North America network include Seattle in 2019 and Washington, DC in 2018. As such, it has become a popular way to experience travel between YVR and JFK on a carrier known for offering more upscale treatment in the sky than is typical of North American airlines. The logon was made using locally known information-The requested security package does not exist2The context has expired and can no longer be used.DThe supplied message is incomplete. The signature was not verified.lThe credentials supplied were not complete, and could not be verified. The context could not be initialized.1The buffers supplied to a function was too small. Circular datalinks are not alloweduCannot refresh dataset [%s]. View [%s] is not a sorted view”Adapter interface must be suppliedUCannot set MasterSource for dataset [%s]. Macro [%s] is not found7Parameter [%s] value index [%d] is out of range [0..%d]mCannot acquire item from pool. Invalid date interval format [%s]Ênnot execute host command [%s]. Donya Currency Exchange offers an extensive list of financial services at unbeatable prices.

By displaying these character attributes and flying skills, the professional pilot can expect that he will receive recognition from his employer and the general public. This professional recognition is the formal acknowledgement of an individual’s professional status, and the right to practice the profession in accordance with professional standards and subject to professional or regulatory controls. Conversely, if a pilot does not demonstrate these attributes and skills, he/she risks losing this professional recognition. In the extreme case the loss of this professional recognition can result in the pilot being viewed by management not as a valued asset, but simply as an employee. Professional recognition not only gives the pilot more control over where their career is going, it also instills confidence that management will respect their position within the company. Pilots are able to operate in an employment environment where they receive the support of senior airline management for such things as proper aircrew training, safe operating procedures and the pilots’ operational decision making process. For this to take place, the authority pertaining to the position of ‘Pilot in Command’ must be recognized and actively supported by airline management. The pilots employed by an airline must be of a high caliber, in that they possess a competent standard of basic aeronautical skills. These skills include basic flying ability, and cockpit management skills, which are fundamental to effective crew co-ordination and safe decision making. There are 1 airlines that offer direct flights from Hong Kong to Toronto. The most popular airline flying from Hong Kong to Toronto is Cathay Pacific. Travelocity makes it easy to book a seat, anywhere in the world. The vast inventory, fast search, and advanced filters put some of the best deals on the planet in one place. Whether you’re traveling on business, with friends, family, or on your own, take your pick from some fantastic options. And with free cancellation and pay later options, you can travel more and worry less. “I was very impressed with the flight attendants. They were very pleasant & very attentive to the guests. The premium seats were very comfortable. The only disappointment was the chicken dinner but the ice cream dessert & refreshments were wonderful.” “No food was offered, short flight though, that’s okay, but the crew definitely could have been more attentive to the first class passengers.” “Seating was atrocious. I specifically asked whether I could get an exit row seat (i am 6’4”). I was even willing to pay the extra 200$ for my partner and myself. “Some of the staff were very nice. the plane was not full so was able to sleep whole flight.” “Ground staff requires training specifically on communication related to boarding. Travelers were confused as to what zone is boarding at a given time as there were no announcements. Pathetic boarding process.” “Answers from the staff was felt by me from the time I checked in Dallas to Bangalore and back.I will travel again by Qatar airways only. Please buy the air India inc .” “Q Suite business seats are the best with excellent service & delicious variety of meals.” The flight was great but layover was 14 hours and nothing was provided by the airline to cushion the wait. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Vancouver from Bengaluru is likely to change within 7 days, so travellers know whether to wait or book now. Oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance are the airline alliances operating flights between Bengaluru and Vancouver, with oneworld being the most commonly used for this route. If your flying dates are flexible, you should consider flying to Vancouver on a Tuesday, as we generally find the cheapest rates on that day for this route. On the other hand, Friday is the most expensive day to fly from Bengaluru to Vancouver. For your return ticket, we recommend flying on a Tuesday and avoiding Wednesdays for the best deals. The shortest travel duration to get to Vancouver from Bengaluru is 19h 35m.

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Eligible routes are based on the International Air Transport Association airport code classification. “We travel quite a bit and use different airlines. Actually we had never heard of Cathay Pacific but loved the whole experience. The aircraft was CLEAN, the people were so friendly and helpful. The seats were comfortable and the food was quite tasty. All in all we were very pleased-also it was price friendly.” “Very quiet , good crew who helped direct those unused to flying to the correct class. Good seat comfort and food, very good good entertainment. Toilets were cleaned periodically during the flight.” “Been flying CX for years and for some reasons this time all the staff members were excellent. From ground to air crew everyone was well informed, nice and helpful. Another surprise was the vegan meal I ordered. Airplane food in general is disgusting, but this time the vegan meal was delicious.” “Flight attendants very attentive and helpful, wheel chair provided at Doha airport by helpful and friendly staff, comfortable seating in business class. Overall I would give my flight an A rating.” “Archaic entertainment system. Cabin was dull and seats not up to standard of other airlines business class.” You see, if it’s a full interline inbound, the passenger gets off in Vancouver or Toronto and gets on the Westjet connecting flight without re-checking their checked baggage. But in the other direction, when there is no Canada Customs check at the interchange point between WS and CX, you’re telling me the passenger has to claim their big, go and stand in line at CX to check in, check bags, get boarding pass, etc.? I’m trying to figure why that would not be viewed as an inferior product to all competition. I mean, if you originate in, say, YUL, and fly on WS/CX to HKG, it means checking in twice, but if the same passenger flies AC/AC all the way it’s one check-in. The other point is that in a one-way, a bag checked in at HKG and lost by the airlines would be Cathay’s problem, but in the opposite direction, if the bag doesn’t get from Montreal to Toronto it’s one airline’s problem and if it doesn’t get from Toronto to HKG its the other airline’s problem. Well, the problem with that is, what if WS mis-routes the bag in YUL, the passenger can’t wait for it to be recovered, so he/she boards the CX flight and then has to deal with WS from 10,000 miles away as opposed to CX which is a local phone call. With AC/AC connections, AC in HKG would be a local contact to assist with baggage lost at any point in the trip. WestJet is Canada’s preferred airline, offering scheduled service throughout its 68-city North American and Caribbean network. Inducted into Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Hall of Fame and named one of Canada’s best employers, WestJet pioneered low-cost flying in Canada. WestJet offers increased legroom, leather seats and live seatback television provided by Bell TV on its modern fleet of 88 Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft. With future confirmed deliveries for an additional 47 aircraft through 2016, WestJet strives to be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world. “Helpful and friendly flight staff, comfortable business class seating that provided privacy and room for personal carry-on bag and toiletries.” “The boarding process was easy and straightforward, the seats were comfortable and had individual entertainment screens, the crew was very polite and helpful. For meals, everyone was given a printed menu at the start of the flight so that meal options could be easily made.” “The food, service, and seats were all great in economy. I typically fly UA and China Airline’s entertainment system and seat comfort are definitely on par on this 777 when compared to UA’s 787.” “The flight attendants were courteous and the service was excellent. The line at the ticket counter at Kansai was long and the line at security was long, but we arrived 2.25 hours early for our international flight and made it to the gate with 30 minutes to spare.” “The attendants were very nice and the food and drinks service was good (however, I believe I got sick from the food since I got food poisoning about 2-3 hours after landing from our 13 hour flight).” “Excellent all around. AFAIK no other airlines offers the 5 course meal Eva does in business. The seats are spacious reverse herringbones. Crew is friendly, and service efficient. Anyone coming from a Western carrier would be impressed.” Approximately 300 people were in attendance for the event, including many of Cathay Pacific’s most frequent flyers, travel agents and Cathay Pacific staff members. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were served as guests crowded around the new seats, snapped photos or simply sat down to try out the newest level of comfort on offer from the Hong Kong-based airline. As professional pilots we are obliged to follow the regulations and procedures prescribed by our employer, and agreed to by our association through our CA. The requirement that prior to dispatch we must ensure that the EFB contains valid and complete data, and is in compliance with the FON directive, is obviously going to require you to check your EFB prior to your arrival to allow for an on time departure. Your EC has determined that this requirement is within the realm of what can be expected from a professional, and falls into the same category as ensuring your uniform is in a neat, clean, and pressed condition prior to reporting for duty.

“It’s a small thing but the Chinese and Japanese movies only have Korean subtitles, it’d be nice if they had English too. Deplaning – the only exit is from the front of the plane, so it takes a while because there’s 70-something rows of passengers.” “The lie-flat seats in the A-350 from Hanoi to Seoul are much better than the seats on the aircraft used between Seoul and Honolulu (which I think was an A-330).” “My flight was able to be rerouted to Europe from Philippines. 2-3 month wait for a very small refund on my cancelled return flight .” “2 free meals, attendants were very nice and ready to serve, free wine and multiple coffee and tea and drink calls. Also the flight was cheaper than most, which credits all the previous feedback provided.” “First time the bathrooms did not feel or smell fresh. I fly EVA because of the way they keep their bathrooms clean.” “Wifi is too expensive to be that slow. Please do better with your wifi. Not beneficial to business travelers at all.” “Friendly staff. Service was good. 2 full meals including ice cream. Need more choice of movies. Seats were comfy as they could be for Economy class. Pillows & blankets included.” “The staff was polite and professional. We have no complaints at all.” “Nothing really when flying coach. Second meal now like a box lunch instead of full meal. Cost cutting I guess. Seats are small but not as bad as United domestic. No major complaints.” “I asked to move my seat to an aisle seat in order to not disrupt a neighbor when needing to use the washroom and was kindly given another seat by the flight attendant but then was later asked to move back to my center seat. Having me move around caused confusion and made a ackward situation for me.” “The food met airline standards, which are generally pretty low.” “Good food. Very friendly and helpful attendants. They also gave souvenir toys for my 2-year-old son.” “The flight was normal and without problems. As a frequent traveler throughout Asia that is always welcomed.” “Flight was an hour late. Boarded late. Took off late. Delayed 10 minutes at arrival gate with seat belt sign on.” “Japan Airlines always, always, always takes such good care of us, especially with the kids. This flight was no exception. I had forgotten to reserve a kid’s meal for our kids (don’t forget, parents) and they went well out of their way to make sure that the kids had food that they would like.”

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My flight would be under the Finnair number due to the codeshare , I didn’t realize that I got the AY flight number instead of the BA flight number until I was on the plane. Here’s a quick photo with both our flights on the display board …. That is, more passengers were travelling on the increasing number of non-stops from New York to Hong Kong, chipping at passenger revenues on the New York-Vancouver sector. “Over the last four years, we had been covering the route as it lost money,” said Philippe Lacamp, the senior VP, Americas for Cathay Pacific Airways. An unusual scheduled commercial passenger flight that had achieved a corporate jet-like status in North America will be ending operations in the next half year.

“The economy seat is OK but too distance between seats could use extra inch.” “free seating in the emergency row was nice. the sick lady next to me should never have been in that same row however. the food was marginal, I don’t do Korean at all. I actually call it bait…” “The flight attendants took WAY too long to gather the food trays after the passengers had eaten. They should make many more trips throughout the journey serving water and juices.” “The comfort of seats and leg room. Professional staff, excellent cuisine.” “Service was really bad, the toilets were filthy; in this regard probably the worst business class experience in recent years.” “Food was horrible, the food from the outgoing flight gave all 3 of my family members food poisoning. Entertainment system didnt work for one of the flight, i asked the flight attendants twice and they didnt seem to care.” “Although we were checking in ahead of most, we were getting the back seats which I am not comfortable with.” “The service, the plane and even the food were all top notch.” “Lack of English movies on the ife. Mediocre headphones in business class.” “The food. the personable flight attendants. The whole experience is amazing.” “Pleasant crew, good food. Standard flight as one would expect.” “The cabin crew was lovely and ground staff equally so as I’ve come to expect from both ANA and JAL. Great entertainment options.” “I don’t recall having seen an option for a vegetarian dinner, either when I was booking my ticket or after I was on the plane. Perhaps I just missed that part of the booking process.” You could then fly to Vancouver with an airline and back to Hanoi with another airline. In the last 3 days, ANA offered the best one-way deal for that route, at C$ 784. KAYAK users also found Hanoi to Vancouver round-trip flights on Air Canada from C$ 1,117 and on ANA from C$ 1,205. 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 715 or less one-way and C$ 1,098 or less round-trip. Yes, you can book a 4-stops flight to YXY, at a higher price compared to the other direct or 1-stop flights. Richmond said that the good news about flight routings out of his airport is that there are likely to be some new routes to announce soon. But they’ll increase the seating density on the remaining 14 flights HKG-YVR by dumping First Class. Air Philippines doesn’t fly YVR to JFK anymore, does it? On a facebook post about this service ceasing some people were like just use Philippines air as they do the route. Cathay Pacific in late-Tuesday (10SEP19; Hong Kong time) adjusted inventory system, which sees the closure of Vancouver – New York JFK reservation, a route it has been operating since July 1996 when the oneWorld carrier launched New York JFK service. If WS really wants to compete on YVR-JFK, they would need to match AC and send a B789 on the route, to try and steal some corporate traffic away from AC. But they would be chasing mostly O&D and would run the risk of running the route at a deficit for a few years, while they build up their brand on the route. Ideally, they would announce some YVR-Asia flights to go along a YVR-JFK. Really too bad, the flight times were ideal, and the service quality was A+. With this loss in capacity I wonder if AC adds an additional daily flight, or if WS, DL, UA pick up the lost capacity. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.


ProStans is not an industrial tool, nor does it promote or tolerate any management vs. pilot sentiment. In these times of heightened industrial tensions, it may actually be most beneficial to introduce an autonomous peer­to­‐peer network that keeps the abovementioned issues out of the office and contained within the pilot network to aid in resolutions. They would be trained alongside a management representative and at least one TU representative so that all parties are aware of the process and can appreciate what work can and cannot be done by the committee. The Company and AOA Canada agreed to hold the Grievance in abeyance some time ago so as to give a collaborative process a chance to produce a document satisfactory to both sides. Unfortunately, despite significant efforts expended on both sides, the collaborative process has not been successful. The Company has now rejected our Stage 1 Grievance formally. While our lawyers are continuing to discuss the issue with hopes of a negotiated resolution, the rejection of our Grievance starts a time clock on our response. Therefore, AOA Canada will be taking the Grievance to the next stage. With the concurrence of the Company, we will be suggesting that Stages 2 and 3 of the grievance process be skipped and the issue taken directly to a Canadian Arbitrator for final resolution. Pilots are able to exercise their professional skills free of commercial pressures. The flight distance between Hong Kong and Toronto is 12543km. The cheapest time of the day to fly from Hong Kong to Toronto is in the morning. Cathay Pacific has a range of great fares on stacks of flights, and to find the most affordable for you, there are a few tricks you can try. Booking in advance, for example, is a great way to grab a fantastic deal. One-way flights from Manila to Toronto with Cathay Pacific are December.

Why are there no car rentals in Canada?

The car rental shortage — or "carpocalypse" as it's been dubbed in the U.S. — started when nearly all travel was halted at the outset of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions. Now that demand is returning, car rental companies can't rebuild their fleets fast enough.

All five TUs have been working together to bring this program to Cathay Pacific in cooperation with Flight Operations Management. It has now been more than 18 months since the launch of the AOA Canada Pilot Income Protection plan. Many of you and your colleagues have benefited from it as they have returned to good health and resumed full flying duties. The feed back from those who have received benefits from PIP have been overwhelmingly positive. In September we also welcomed our US resident members into the plan. So with everyone on the same BASIC plan, now would be a good time to remind the membership of a few basic requirements. Another area we would like to get input from our members is regarding the current request system. We would like to know when requests aren’t successful. Please send this information to us as at and also to the JRC link in crew direct. We need as much data as possible moving forward to make sure the request system is working as it should. Currently there seem to be a lot of unsuccessful requests. With the delays in the JCR we are currently between the old and the new request system, and will be for a while, so we need to ensure that our requests are still being properly honored. We have been able to fix a lot of problems in the background, however as you can see there is still more to accomplish and we have a lot of work still ahead. The good thing is that the CMP team have been very open in working together with us as they want the patterns to be successful and robust. Every time a crew member books off for a flight due to fatigue, that means the pattern isn’t viable, and we need to look at how to change the pattern to make it successful. The first run of 777 patterns seem to have a few problems as well. Things like extended patterns that aren’t very productive, flights being rostered according to body clock one day and then the next duty being rostered to operate through their WOCL. We are also working on some of the timings of patterns like the YVR triangles being operated the other way around, which is a benefit to the YVR and HKG crew. The cheapest airline flying from Hong Kong to Toronto is Air Canada. Lowest nightly price found within the past 24 hours based on a 1 night stay for 2 adults. Cathay Pacific has FOUR flights from Taipei that fly onward to Seoul , Osaka , Nagoya , and Tokyo .

For many months now your union has been attempting to resolve a US customs violation issue that affected a member’s personal NEXUS application. You may recall that in the past US Customs has routinely recorded documentation errors – not altogether uncommon with cargo manifests – against the aircraft commanders name with the result that the individual is later flagged in the NEXUS application process. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please forward those to our Secretary, SFO Steve Brigham so that those suggestions we can act upon are included in our next update. Cathay Pacific pilots are considered some of the most professional, well-­‐trained aviators, who come from all walks of life and bring with them many different cultures, languages and ideals. This melting pot of pilots certainly introduces numerous advantages but at the same time can present barriers to harmonious teamwork, good CRM and most importantly a safe work environment. Six different base areas, represented by five autonomous Trade Unions add to the equation and further reinforce the need for all pilots to ‘get along’ with each other.

Already assigned to [%s] and cannot be shared across few datasets6Dataset connection does not match to called connection Table [%s] must have primary keyWLocal SQL engine misusage by [%s]. The Fixed Points Travel Program takes the guesswork – and frustration – out of planning, with fixed points amounts for eligible flights, regardless of when you travel. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. For security purposes, and to ensure that the public service remains available to users, this government computer system employs programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage, including attempts to deny service to users. As far as proximity to VFR points is concerned, the answer is “it depends”. If the point is adjacent to YVR or nearby IFR traffic they might complain if you are a off by a few hundred feet, but if you are the only plane around and cutting the corner of East Point en route to YYJ you probably won’t get spanked. You might find it helpful to program the VFR waypoints’ lats/longs into your GPS before you fly the area. Call them up and tell them who you are, where you are, and what you want . If you are professional they will often give you a direct routing even if there is a NOTAM saying that their services are restricted due to capacity. It usually depends what runway is in use at YVR and how much traffic is around. For tagging baggage through on YYC-YVR-HKG this has been available for awhile. There is just a physical transfer of the bag at the connection point. The passenger just needs to show the originating agent that they hold an ongoing reservation and the baggage tag can be produced providing the computer allows baggage transfer to specified airlines. WestJet has also entered into a baggage agreement with Dragon Air, Cathay Pacific’s subsidiary regional carrier. This agreement will allow guests to have their bags checked all the way through for journeys that include a combination of WestJet, Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air flights. There is no indication that the Company expects to use 2 SO’s for flying to and from North America. It seems at this time it is limited to Europe and South Africa.

Cancelling YVR-JFK next March has little to do with the protests in HKG. The writing was on the wall for that one a long time ago. Surprised it lasted this long, considering CX management confirmed the route has been losing money for years. Maybe DL could go year round JFK-YVR because of this , or AC adding a second daily flight . Once the DL/WS JV gets approved, WS could takeover the route. I dont think WS will be able to compete on YVR- NYC before the JV is approved , because they would essentially be competing with DL to JFK and with AC – which has the corporate traffic tied up nicely with the daytime B789- and UA on YVR-EWR).

Please be aware of the various sensitivities regarding this issue. You will have received a letter with the details of the CMP TA and JCR LOU. Please take time to study both of these documents as it will have to be voted on by the entire membership shortly. There will be a CMP/JCR thread on the website where you can post questions that the EC will answer. I would like to thank Captain Lance Davis and Senior First Officer Greg Stephanson for their commitment and dedication to this project. It has been a struggle from the beginning to bring all 5 TUs to the table and come up with an agreement that meets all the TUs requests and needs. These two gentlemen have given much of their personal time over the last year or so. Please thank them if you see them in the street or flight deck. As Cannabis use in Canada is clearly about to become more prevalent and socially acceptable members should remember that even second-hand exposure – and a subsequent positive test – could affect your flying career. While you are undoubtedly employed in Canada the reality is that you are licensed in Hong Kong.

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